Hello and Welcome!
All I would like to say is....
first a few technicals!
My name is John (but everyone calls me Jack)! I am a writer-director based in Vancouver BC.  I make music videos, short films, documentaries and basically anything else that involves a camera and a subject. My background is in editing and I am incapable of not going 1000% in the cutting room. The same is true for my scripts, which I arguable spend too long finessing. In my writing I am drawn to the themes of Memory and the origins of Personality.
Next a few philosophies...
if you’d indulge me haha!
In all my work I strive to connect the characters journey (who they become), with the films structure (how events are presented), with the films Style (how it is sauced up!). It is my belief that when these elements coalesce upon a films climax - each linking together in ways that are surprising and yet inevitable - that moment is the “magic of cinema”. The word cinema is doing a lot of heavy lifting as I believe this truth applies everywhere; from the best music video to the best commercials. I will spare you my ramblings on various examples!
I love this craft, I’m always working on it, and just exited to keep putting pen to screen. 
Thank you!
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